Onart's success lies mostly in the integrated, multi disciplinary approach to the projects. Hence, Onart employs a wide range of experts to achieve its goals. This close tiered working platform enables us to quickly catch and remedy the quirks associated in any production environment.


Tensile fabric architecture is a blend of both science and art. It’s a collaborative process with our clients with an end result of creating something beautiful and buildable.


Forces of nature be warned. All our structures are engineered for extreme weather conditions from high wind speeds to heavy snow loads.

Project Management

From design through to handover, we keep you informed about the development of your project making the experience hassle free.


In our 2,000m2 of production space, we use the latest technology to cut, weld and sew fabric panels into inspiring structures. We also test build mock-ups in our laboratory.


Critical to the success of a project is the skill and coordination of site operatives whose job is to install in sometimes challenging locations.


Protecting your investment and offering you peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we have a dedicated department to inspect, clean and repair structures worldwide