There are a lot of companies out there that do what we do. Even some of the biggest companies are out there. But, we have a difference: We have zero (null) malfunctioned structure in the last so 25 years. This is sort of a record by itself.

We keep things simple, lean and fast. And we will use this approach now to tell you what our company is all about. If you want to know, how we achieved this, please read on.

  • Onart is the founder and main sponsor of Institute of Membrane and Shell Technologies, Turkey (IMS Turkey) in collaboration with Institute of Membrane and Shell Technologies, Anhalt University, Germany. This way, Onart combines with current knowledge and developments in Textile Architecture with a state of art technology on site. Onart's theoretical and practical knowledge in tensile membranes are conveyed to the industry through IMS Turkey which is an accredited body by IMS e.V., Anhalt University.
  • Onart executes projects in a unified/integrated way instead of a fragmented collaboration of a mix of companies. Onart has infrastructure at world standard for project development, design, structural analysis, fabrication and installation. This ensures that there is no any mismatch of approaches of different companies.
  • Design and structural analysis are done by engineers and architects registered at German and Australian Chamber of Engineers. Installation of the major projects is supervised  by German experts. Onart with its unprecedented design power reflects originality and creativity.
  • Onart is also the power behind the industry renowned membrane analysis software, WinTess (https://www.wintess.com).The software evaluates and calculates all the relevant information to find membrane form, loads, displacements, cutting patterns very precisely. It provides detailed reports to answer engineering questions. As worldwide distributor and central support office of WinTess, ONART has been teaching and supporting hundreds of WinTess customers, internationally.
ONART Office



Mufit Eribol

Managing Director

Mufit Eribol graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of METU (Middle East Technical University) in 1980. He took part in the academic team of METU during and after completing his MSc program. Mr. Eribol worked as a manager at various projects of international construction companies. The MBA program, that he completed at the University of Wollongong, Australia, improved his skills in management career. His analytical thinking, leadership capacity, methodical approaches to problem solving and commitment set up the strategic aspect of ONART. In addition, Mufit Eribol holds the degree of Archineer® in Membrane Structures from Institute of Membrane and Shell Technologies, Anhalt University, Germany.


Rana Dirin

Director of Design and Proposal Department

Rana Dirin started her career as an entrepreneur, shortly after graduating as architect in 1990. Through years of her professional life, she carried out many projects under her supervision. Her in-depth knowledge of Textile Architecture led to successfully accomplished all unique membrane projects. Beside her professional life, she is the representative of Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies (IMS) Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Turkey and has completed MSc program at IMS e.V.,Anhalt University, Germany. She also holds Archineer® in Membrane Structures degree from the same institute and a member of the Chamber of Engineers in Germany. Presently, she is effectively leading ONART's design team.

You can find below various supportive documents for Onart and its executive team.