PVC Coated Polyester:

PVC coated polyester is the most common membrane material. This materials are preferred thanks to its characteristics of excellent strength, translucency, fire resistance, longevity, easy to fabricate, demount-ability. In addition to all these, mesh type of PVC fabric has an advantage in hot climatic regions. Another parameter which affect design is that PVC materials are available in a wide range of colors for an accountable project size. Additives to PVC contributed to its resistance against micro organisms. Polyester yarn is protected for capillarity. Requirement of special cleaning is at minimum as the surface of PVC material is protected by PVDF lacquer. Life expectancy at design is about 15 years.

PTFE Coated Glass Fiber:

We suggest to use PTFE material (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) if longer useful life, lesser deflection and higher fire resistance are required. Fabrication using PTFE material needs extra care as it requires a technology much different than that of PVC and the glass filaments in the material are very susceptible to breakage. Scenarios for folding for delivery and installation must be developed meticulously. The material is inert, has natural resistance against adverse effects of moist and micro organisms. Design life of PTFE is about 30 years.

Silicon Coated Glass Fiber:

High translucency is an advantage of Silicon coated glass fiber. It can be preferred in small or medium sized projects thanks to the tensile strength of glass fiber and less deflection under load. However, surface material is more susceptible to keeping dirt. Contrary to PTFE material, high difference between the mechanical characteristics of silicon and glass fiber make this fabric more prone to breaking glass fibers during fabrication, transportation and installation. That is why extra care must be taken with silicone coated glass fiber fabrics. Design life of the material is about 30 years.

PTFE (Gore Tenara):

As this fabric is produced by weaving the PTFE threads, it has a huge advantage against breakage. This material is more suited to retractable systems with long useful life. It also provides aesthetic thanks to its natural translucency. It is a perfect choice for indoor lightning applications.

MaterialLongevityTranslucencyMaintenancePriceFire Resistance
PVC Coated Polyester************
PTFE Coated Glass*****************
Silicone Coated Glass*****************
PTFE (GoreTenara)********************