Tensile membrane structures are social gathering venues under which you feel protected against harsh conditions of nature while you still get the benefit of pros of them. As differentiated from the standard structures, they can easily attract attention. They have a characteristic of being an iconic structure with a dynamism thanks to its adaptability to very wide range of forms. Together with these advantages, they are designed through engineering for longevity.

Textile architecture is not just about engineering, it is also about creating aesthetic and monumental structure with a quite different look. ONART team aims at finding the best solutions at every project to realize your expectations.

Experience gained in the tent industry for many years played an important role in establishing theory of Textile Membrane Structures. It is now possible to analyze to minute details through new engineering approaches and computer supported techniques. A tensile structure is designed using various computer simulations by taking form, material properties, environmental effects into account to get a structure which keeps its stability 4 seasons. All details pertaining each node are calculated considering the reactions and deflections. All of these studies are done in 3D environment. As load flow is very much related with the form, any change in the form needs a re-calculation.