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A vision that has driven us from the moment Onart was established. Our future is about creating the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between uncompromising safety and outstanding aesthetic.


Strive to achieve these extremes and the unexpected happens: limits are pushed; expectations are exceeded; myths are shattered. With zero malfunctioned structure so far, we stretch the boundaries of possibility.


The future awaits, with new tensile structures, new challenges and no limits.


Membrane Systems

Onart can design and fabricate all types of PVC and PTFE used in tensile structures. While PVC is a cost effective solution, PTFE membrane delivers better weather resistance, longer useful life and higher resistance to soiling.

ETFE Systems

ETFE is a kind of new generation plastic having high lucency, high chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Having 20-30 years of durability, color stability and resistance to becoming brittle make it unparalleled alternative to traditional roof and façade materials.

Textile Façades

Textile façades transform structures to an attractive, extraordinary buildings with strong architectural impact. Alongside with a unique appearance, it provides excellent heat and light control. Textile façades with almost any shape that can be envisaged can be created.


Where curved surfaces meet technology.